Happy Christmas Room 24!

Happy Christmas Room 24! It has been such a pleasure working with you all!

Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2017 – read a book!




EOTC 6th December 2016

We had such fun at the Wigram Airforce Museum today. Can you answer the following questions.

  1. What was the name of the oldest aeroplane in the museum?
  2. What is a ‘Role of Honour’?
  3. What fuel does a jet engine use?
  4. What do we call a plane that can land on water?
  5. List 2 interesting facts that you learnt today.


EOTC – such excitement!

We had such a busy week – completed swimming lessons and got ready for EOTC week. Please remember to get ready for every EOTC activity. Thank you to Toby for sharing his work with the class and Jessica for bringing her friend Ellie to school on Friday. Enjoy the next few days Room 24!